Good Riddance

So, Christopher Hitchens is dead at 62.  Much blubbering from the sinistrosphere about this stout ally of the United States against Islamofascist terror.

Well, as Sam Goldwyn said, include me out from all these breathless encomia.  I had no use whatever for Hitchens in life and refuse to have anything nice to say now that his biochemical processes have ceased and now he’s a decomposing (or incinerated) mass of protoplasm.  For me he was little more than an unrepentant apologist for the USSR, a left-wing Jew-baiter and an anti-religious bigot.  His support of the invasion of Iraq is likely more a consequence of his hating a religion that would refuse him a drink more than any affection for the Anglo-Saxon political order.

I for one won’t miss him in the least.

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