News from the Show Scene

Well, now that I’ve woken up let me regale you with a few items from the show scene.

Little Aida finished her championship by going Winners Bitch at the Trinity Valley KC show in Dallas under Rita Bell.  She now may be styled Ch. Soyara’s Celeste Aida.  Aida is the third of her litter to finish and is the second one this year after her sister Carmen.

As for her brother Ilya, at the Sunday Conroe KC show Madame’s pain medication was affecting her balance.  As Ilya was entered in Bred-By I was the only other person who could show him.  I did and – a sign of the coming End Times – won the class over competition.  I then handed him to Rudy Ayala for Winners, which Ilya also won.  Rudy was to handle Carmen in Best of Breed, so Ilya was given to Rudy’s wife, Brooke Young, to be shown in Breed.  And at the end, we had a picture taken of Ilya’s Winners Dog win, with Madame holding him.  So in the end Ilya was handled by four different people in the space of about five minutes.

We put entries for Dutch and Carmen for the 2012 Westminster KC show without much confidence that either would get in.  Because of renovations to Madison Square Garden the entry for 2012 has been cut from 2500 to 2000.  To our surprise and delight, both entries were accepted.  This means a solid two months of my taking them out for roadwork and conditioning.

And finally, Madame was elected Region 3 Governor for the Borzoi Club of America.  This is Madame’s second stint of the Board: she previously served as Governor for Region 6 when we lived in Ohio.

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