The Privileged Class

Offered without comment:

A state legislator claims he wasn’t invited to watch Auburn University battle the University of Alabama on Saturday in Jordan-Hare Stadium, so his game plan now is to invite Auburn to battle him in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

State Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, said as far as he can tell, Auburn gave two free tickets and a parking space for the game to every House and Senate member except him.

“If they aren’t going to give tickets to anyone, that’s fine,” Holmes said Tuesday. “But if you are going to give them to 35 senators and 104 House members and leave one House member out, that’s just not right.”

Holmes suspects the perceived slight is payback for a 2005 incident in which he helped lead the Legislative Black Caucus in calling for black athletes to boycott Auburn University after the school released two black administrators during a reorganization of the athletic department…

He said he called Auburn President Jay Gogue on Monday, and Gogue told him he would check into the issue and call Holmes back that afternoon.”

He never called me back,” Holmes said. “I called back today (Tuesday), and he didn’t call me back today, either.”

Holmes said he now believes if he is going to get any answers, it will have to be in court.

“I am going to file a lawsuit … for them to show cause why all the members of the Legislature seem to have been entitled to have two free tickets and a free parking space except me,” he said.

Holmes said he will consult with lawyers today to decide when to file his suit.

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