My Bad Attitude

Eight days left in Lent. I am obliged to make a sacrifice for the season. Giving up things I don’t like – e.g. creamed corn or broccoli – would not be right. Giving up chocolate or ice cream, which I love, would not be sufficient either since I rarely have them.

So I settled on my music, which makes up a very important part of my life. And I’ve stuck to it. No listening to music in the car, the office or at home. No working on playlists, indeed not even looking at them. No shopping online for items to buy, download or stream. Nothing of that sort at all. I don’t think I’ve even touched a CD since Ash Wednesday.

Well, it’s been hard, as it should be. I ought to be offering this up in penance. Instead I find myself grumbling, “Hope you appreciate this, O Lord.” That won’t do at all.

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