The New Deal

When we moved from Cincinnati to outside of Houston in 2009, we lost our fiber-based internet connection and had to move to wireless broadband.  At first, this was through a mobile hotspot and the monthly quota was only 5 GB, which, we rapidly found, didn’t go very far at all.  Needless to say, Verizon didn’t, has not and will never put in high-speed internet at this location.

Madame and I got smartphones earlier this year and she also bought a tablet.  At this point we went onto a new data plan that spread 16 GB over all these devices.  Again, we found out that this didn’t go very far.  Even streaming video for a few minutes eats up more data than I’m comfortable with.

So where has this left this leave this poor little blog?  Not very well situated, I’m afraid.  Doing any posting to my satisfaction takes time and research and if I’m having to dole out miserly every byte of data I’m certainly not going to be spending much time online.

Recently, due to an unfortunate event, the situation has changed.  Madame had her phone stolen at Whole Foods; that’ll teach her to shop there!  She suspects that two clerks worked to snatch it when she laid it down on a counter and was distracted.  When she told me, I immediately had Verizon deactivate it.  It was insured, so a new phone was delivered for the deductable of $99.

I was at Verizon having it activated and they offered something attractive.  I may end up being a fool for accepting, but it helps the data conundrum.  They gave me a 7.5″ tablet free for $10 a month for a two-year contract and will now give us 30 GB of data a month for all our devices.  Since really it’s a zero-sum device game – it’s only Madame and I, after all – we’re effectively getting nearly double the data for just $10 more a month.

I hope this will let me be a little more active in contributing to this poor little blog.  Certainly, if few read it before, even fewer look at it now but that’s not the important thing.  Due to circumstances, my life is somewhat circumscribed:  I go to work, I come home from work.  If Madame is away for the weekend, I stay at home.  If I go with her to a show, I help her out but otherwise have little to do.  Not only do we not go on vacations together, I don’t even go on my own.

Not to complain about this, but things like Facebook help me connect with people even though I may never meet them and this poor little blog provides an outlet with which to express myself.  Between one thing and another, I haven’t been very active with this but I want to be and I’m looking forward to doing more here.

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