Miracles Happen

Madame was out of town for a BCOA board meeting early in November and asked whether I would show Miss Carmen (GCh. Soyara’s Carmen Fantasy) at the one-day Beaumont KC show, as, apparently, the halt, lame and blind were all unavailable.

The entry was really just a favor to the judge.  We knew it would be a very small show because few people want to travel for a single day.  Beaumont is about 90 minutes away, so it wasn’t a big deal to drive over there for a while.

Carmen turned out to be the only Borzoi there that day, so we were Best of Breed by default.  We went out for a bit of a drive and returned for the Hound group, to be judged by Dr. Eric Liebes.  Rather to my astonishment, Carmen and I got a Group 3, defeating all of 17 dogs.  It was Carmen’s first group placement and the first one for me as well.  She may accumulate more but I certainly won’t.


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