Between Pearland and Lake Jackson, Brazoria County in Texas is overwhelmingly rural.  We live in Iowa Colony (pop. 804) and for miles around us are rice farms and horse and cattle ranches.  Apart from the chemical plants in Chocolate Bayou and Freeport/Clute, the principal industry in Brazoria County appears to be imprisoning people.  Just the sort of place populated – in the minds of faculty-lounge leftists and HBO “comedians” – by snaggle-toothed yahoos, right?

Phillip and Shana Harris, an interracial couple, were to move into their new home in Danbury this week.  They were ready to move right out when they found “KKK” and “No Niggers” spraypainted on their driveway and garage door.  Typical of rural Texas, your bicostal urban hipster might say.


The family said they have been overwhelmed with support from across the rural neighborhood. They said strangers have also been reaching out to them over the phone and on Facebook.

“It feels good to cry tears of joy today that I wasn’t crying because I felt hated on. I cried because people are on our side,” said Shana Harris.

Flowers, cards and other gifts were delivered to the Harris family, letting them know that they are welcome.

During filming for a KHOU follow-up story, that outpouring was seen firsthand. A couple from the community came knocking to offer a warm welcome.

“It’s just heartbreaking. It’s just unfair. I don’t even know. It’s just so emotional that people could be so ugly,” said neighbor Jessie Smith, with tears in her eyes.

The emotions soon took over right before more neighbors came knocking.

God bless the Harrises and bless their neighbors who stood with them and behind them.

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