But We Meant Well!

Free Press Houston, one of those progressive newspapers available at urban diners, supermarkets and other bastions of captialist oppression, sponsors The Free Press Houston Summer Fest, bravely saying that:

A recycling program, carbon off-set credits and a partnership with the Texas Campaign for the Environment are implemented to help this festival become a greener experience.

Too bad that none of the attendees seems to have read that little snip:

A record turnout at this past weekend’s Free Press Summer Fest has translated into quite an eyesore for outdoor enthusiasts. On Monday evening, it still looked like an explosion of trash at Eleanor Tinsley Park and beyond.

Cleanup crews were working day and night to make a dent in it, but the owner of independent contractor Washamerica admited it was more trash than he expected…

“It seems like they were really good at organizing volunteers for the show. You kind of wonder, did they drop the ball on the post organization for the cleanup,” said Kate Whitehouse, who often jogs through the area.

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