And in Other Show News…

If that wasn’t enough, we were also showing three dogs this weekend.  This aspect was much more successful.  On Saturday, Ilya was Winners Dog for a major and Best of Winners under Carole Beyerle and the Beeg Boy was Best of Breed.  In the Hound group, for which I had to step out of my role as ring steward, Joan Anselm gave him a Group 2.

On Sunday Mrs. Anselm again gave Dutch Best of Breed and his sister Carmen Best of Opposite.  Carmencita would have had a major for her grand championship but fell one entry short when the judge excused a puppy who had to be dragged around the ring on two legs screaming.

After judging I took everyone home and returned to the show.  After Best in Show, we helped clean up the site and pack up and load all the club’s equipment, then all our own.  The show site was dusty and windy and both Madame and I were hot, tired and covered in grit.  This in no way prevented us from going out to dinner immediately afterwards, walking into the restaurant in a Pig-Pen-like cloud of dust and no doubt causing discomfort to the elderly couple who sat next to us (“Hiram, those people smell!”).  Then home and total collapse.

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