Notice to Exhibitors

If, in the future, any of you complain about my voice being too loud when I’m stewarding and it upsets your poor little Snookums, my response will be, “I’m sorry your dog has such a bad temperament.  Maybe you shouldn’t be showing it.”

Of course, if you are actually paying attention to what’s going on in the ring, if I see you standing at the ring entrance waiting for your class is about to go in, if you’re ready when it’s time, I won’t raise my voice at all. 

But no, no.  When your class is being called, you’re having a grand old time yakking with your friends.  Or, between the time I gave it to you and the time you should come into the ring, you’ve managed to forget what your armband number is or in what class you’ve entered little Snookums.  Then, if not megaphonically notified, you’d completely miss your class and your $25 entry fee would vanish into the vapor not unlike that inside your head.  Of course, that would be my fault too.

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