Open Season on Men

A true miscarriage of justice in Houston:

A woman who pleaded guilty in the shooting death of her husband and was sentenced to probation on Friday after reaching a deal with prosecutors is now telling her side of the story.

Charlene Hill shot her husband Danny Hill on Nov. 14, 2006 in their Richmond home.

For two trials Hill claimed self defense. In the first trial, the jury hung 11 to 1; and during the second trial Hill agreed to plead guilty an instant before the jury told the judge they had found her guilty unanimously.

Hill, whose case became a courtroom drama that hit national news magazines, maintains she was abused for nearly 30 years by her husband, an ex-con. Hill received probation and 600 hours community service, with no prison time.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hill was not available to tell his side of the story.  Like the Mary Winker case, a woman murders her husband and then says that it was in “self defense” due to spousal abuse.  Might be true but it also might not.  There might be other motivations (greed, financial mismanagement, etc.).

In any case the husband isn’t around to defend himself.  The ya-ya sisterhood rallies around the poor widder woman.  A light sentence – maybe not even jail time! – is handed down for a crime that a man would go if not to the death chamber then to the clink for the rest of his natural days.  Could he claim spousal abuse (more common than you’d think if you only watched the Lifetime channel)?  As though anyone would believe it!

Revolting, in a word.

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