News from the Show Scene

To Austin this weekend for the Travis County KC shows.  On Sunday we had a 9:10 judging time; with morning chores, a three-hour drive, set-up and grooming time it meant waking up at 3:30 AM.  No fun at all!

Regardless of the time, we were happy we went.  On Saturday Dutch was Best of Breed under Anthony DiNardo, good for 2 points.  On Sunday, the Beeg Boy was Winners Dog for a point while his cousin Knight was Best of Breed under Nikki Riggsbee to collect his third major toward his Grand Championship.  Too many heavy hitters in the Group ring to do anything there but we have to be pleased with the results.  Dutch now has 13 points and both majors; he also showed extremely well, a tribute to my lovely bride’s work with him at handling class.

My lovely bride is judging next weekend at Fort Wayne, Indiana, then we have shows in Houston the week after.  Fingers crossed that Big Red can finish.

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