The Beeg Boy

Big Dutch goes Best of Breed at the Beaumont Kennel Club show, handled as always by my lovely bride.

Dutch was the subject of a recent set-to between me and my spouse:

Me:  “I had a terrible dream last night.”

My lovely bride: “Oh, what?”

Me:  “You’ll be angry with me if I tell you.”

MLB:  “That’s silly.  How can I be angry about a dream?”

Me:  “This one, you will.”

MLB:  “Oh, go ahead and tell me.”

Me:  “I gave Dutch away.”

MLB:  “You mean, gave him away to a top handler who is going to make him Number 1?”

Me:  “No, gave him away as in ‘free to good home.’  Then when I changed my mind I couldn’t find him anywhere.”


Me:  (Exit, pursued by a cast-iron frying pan)

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