A New Lease on Life

At last, a good use for the New York Times:

Cellulose ethanol production from waste newsprint by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation using Saccharomyces cerevisiae KNU5377

Insu Parka, Ilsup Kima, Kyunghee Kanga, Hoyong Sohnd, Inkoo Rheeb, Ingnyol Jina

Process Biochemistry (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (2010), 45(4), 487-492

Abstract:  A thermotolerant ethanol-fermenting yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae KNU5377, isolated from a sludge of a local industrial complex stream in Korea, was evaluated for its capability for lignocellulosic ethanol production from waste newsprint in high temperature. In this fermentation, most of dry-defibrated waste newspaper was first saccharified at 50 °C for 108 h using a commercial cellulase and, then with the last addition of dry-defibrated newsprints to the pre-saccharified broth, simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) of 1.0 L of reaction mixture was carried out at 40 °C, slowly being dropped from 50 °C, for further 72 h in a 5 L fermentor by inoculating the overnight culture of KNU5377. The maximum production of 8.4% (v/v) ethanol was obtained when 250 g (w/v)/L of dry-defibrated waste newspaper was used for ethanol production by SSF. These results suggest that S. cerevisiae KNU5377 is very useful for cellulose ethanol production by the SSF system.

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