A Sad, Sad Day

We let Silver and Fred go today.  They were both quite elderly and their problems reached a terminal stage at the same time.  Hard as it is to know they’re dead, it was harder to know they were fading and it would have been cruel to try to keep them going.

Silver was our last Texas native, born just two weeks before we moved to Cincinnati.  While she finished before her legendary sister Lacey, she never had a specials career, content to stay at home and rest on the sofa.  Outwardly gentle and quiet, she exhibited all the slyness of a Borzoi bitch.  None was better at maneuvering herself into an advantageous position without anyone noticing.

Fred was destined for a career in the field after he gained his conformation championship; he was bar-none the fastest dog I’ve ever seen.  Sadly, a bout of pneumonia after he was neutered scarred his lungs and made running for any distance impossible.  It was easy to take him for granted but he showed he was special when he gazed at us with his luminous, gentle eyes.

Rest well, dear friends.


Ch. Soyara’s Silver Angel JC, “Silver”

December 17, 1997-May 17, 2010


Ch. Bokhara Soyara Fjor, “Fred”

August 25, 1999-May 17, 2010

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