A New Look for Wal-Mart?

An insight from Ilkka at The Fourth Checkraise:

If Wal-Mart were otherwise exactly the same as now, except that it was fully owned and run by the government as a public service and a anti-gouging and price control program to force all those pig-snouted top hat capitalists and industrialists to sell their products cheaply instead of extracting hefty profit margins from the blood and sweat of the people, the left that so eagerly bashes it now have nothing but praise for it.

I think that Wal-Mart needs a marketing makeover that would make it more palatable to Goodthinkers.  Stores in or near centers of enlightened thought should change their name to Wal-Martí.  Instead of some little grey-haired grandma welcoming you there should be a bearded revolutionary in fatigues and beret (cigar acceptable).  The face of management wouldn’t be some paunchy, middle-aged guy in shortsleeves but an Oriental in a Mao suit.  This should send a thrill up the leg of every progressive customer.  Nothing else need change.

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