The Arch of a Career

A few milestones on our girl’s career:

First show: June 25, 1998, Warren County Kennel Club of Ohio, judge Roy Holloway

First points/first major: April 18, 1999, Delaware, Ohio KC, judge Jon Thompson

Championship: May 26, 2000, Winners Bitch for 5 points, Borzoi Club of America National Specialty, judge Christine Rafton

First Best of Breed: August 20, 2000, Muncie KC, judge Virginia Hampton

First Group placement: March 3, 2001, Belle-City KC, judge Pete Dawkins

First Group 1: August 26, 2001, Owensboro’s River City KC, judge Dr. Ron Spritzer

First Best in Show: November 17, 2002, Danville KC, judge Susan St. John Brown

First Specialty Best in Show: February 15, 2003, Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club, judge William Paul Shelton

Last Best in Show (her fifth): September 18, 2005, Butler County KC, judge Susan St. John Brown

Last Group 1 (her 31st): November 27, 2004, Kankakee River Valley KC, judge Luc Boileau

Last Group placement (her 127th): August 21, 2005, Anderson KC, judge Robert Forsyth

Last show (her 388th)/last Best of Breed (her 269th)/last Best in Specialty show (her fourth): May 27, 2006, Borzoi Club of America National Specialty, judge Espen Engh.

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