Sad, and Sad, but…

Farah Fawcett died today, a long anticipated event after her long illness. The term “icon” is badly overused nowadays, but in her case it’s quite apt.

Much more suddenly, Michael Jackson died this afternoon, apparently from cardiac arrest at the age of 50. I may not be the only one to think that it may have been merciful.

Jackson the musical talent died many years ago; the husk of the mortal form decayed into financial distress and increasingly bizarre appearance and behavior. A “comeback” tour was planned for this summer; it probably would have been pathetic.

We make the mistake of thinking that performers like Judy Garland, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson were taken from this world too soon. Really, they lived too long. Dead, they are or will be more valuable commodities than if they had survived.

Update: Well, now I’m hearing on CNN speculation that like with Garland and Elvis, pharmaceuticals may have been involved.

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