Dopey Letter of the Day (II)

Where else but the New York Times?

Bill O’Reilly’s statements exemplify the zealotry that infects too many in the anti-abortion movement, as well as highlight why President Obama’s call for finding common ground on abortion is so misguided.

I would remind the president that this country already found common ground on abortion in 1973, when the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade. That compromise is between the right of individuals to determine their own reproductive destinies and the interests of the state. It is settled law for all but the most determined opponents.

The simple truth that the president must realize is that these zealots don’t want common ground on abortion: they are committed and determined to end reproductive freedom in all its forms.

Deborah J. Glick

New York Assemblywoman, 66th Dist.

New York

Is it not amazing that when Muslim lunatics commit heinous and brutal acts of terrorism all the Goodthinkers tell us not to generalize, Islam is a religion of peace, nothing to worry about here, no siree, but when a domestic white, male lunatic commits a heinous and brutal act of terrorism against a “progressive” symbol, no extrapolation is too tortured for these same Goodthinkers to smear their opponents?

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