Dopey Letter of the Day (I)

Where else but in the New York Times?

President Obama is letting bipartisanship stand in the way of what’s best for America.

We need a still-larger stimulus package, not one pared down to obtain the votes of a recalcitrant Republican minority that has already spurned cooperation.

We need to increase immediate aid to the unemployed and the poor and to the states, not dilute the stimulus to placate the party whose bankrupt philosophy got us into this mess.

Emphasizing once more the failed conservative theory that tax cuts cure all ills to buy support from Republicans is unnecessary and dangerous.

It is time to reject the antidemocratic notion that a Republican Senate minority has the right to veto legislation that is supported by the president and by a majority of each house of Congress.

If we need to get rid of the filibuster to avoid economic collapse, so be it. But compromise with rule-or-ruin Republicans for the sake of “unity” is a sad mistake.

Remember the days of “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”? Naaah, neither do I.

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