News From the Show Scene

No, we’re not really showing anyone right now. My lovely bride is shivering in Ohio and any showing would be limited to nearby events, of which there won’t be any until Indianapolis next month.

On Saturday, I thought I’d go to the Fort Bend KC show in Rosenberg, just to stay for a little while and see some Borzoi. After the judging, which was fairly early, I passed the Chief Ring Steward and asked her if she needed any help. Oh yes, she said, could I please fill in for someone at lunch? No problem: at 11:00 I went to that ring and took over.

Instead of filling in for half an hour, the other steward never returned. I had to stay until the end of the day, after which I staggered off and had something to eat. I thought I’d go back to see where the Hound Group was in the order. I was nabbed again and asked whether I’d take over at another ring. Finally, at 4:00, my day was over. Home and collapse.

Moral of the story: never volunteer for anything.

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