Youth is Wasted on the Old

A 40-year-old woman couldn’t buy beer because she looked too young:

Despite her best efforts, youthful Karen Hamilton could not convince supermarket workers she was older than 18, the legal age for purchasing alcohol.

Maintaining she was a teenager, staff asked for identification before they would let the shocked mother-of-two take a 24-can pack of lager home.

But, having never before been asked to prove her age, Mrs Hamilton could not produce any identification with a photograph and date of birth.

Exasperated Mrs Hamilton had to return home to pick up her passport before she was allowed to buy the beer from the Tesco store in Chineham, near Basingstoke.

When I was in graduate school, one of my fellow group members was regularly carded in bars because he looked like he was 12 years old. So he grew a beard. And he was still carded because he looked like a 12-year-old with a beard.

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