The New Kids

For the last week, I’ve been helping my lovely bride look after our new pups. Miss Faith went into labor a little after midnight on Wednesday. She pooped out from uterine inertia after a short time, so we called the vet for her to go in for a C-section. We had to work to get the little guys going; the act of natural birth forces the fluids from their lungs, so delivery by C-section has its hazards.

There are two boys and two girls. All of them are doing just fine, as is Mama. Until the babies have their eyes open, either my lovely bride or I will be in the room or in the adjacent kitchen, and even then just briefly. The concern is always that the mother might roll over on one of them or one may wander off. Faith has been an excellent mother, lying quieter than I’ve ever seen her and tending her kids carefully.

We’ve moved a computer into the sun room where the whelping box is located, so more regular posting should now resume.

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