Madame Flops

The Cattle Baroness came in third last night in the Ioway caucuses, a stinging blow to her image of inevitability. Mark Steyn makes a point I’ve long held:

The Clintons’ leadership of the Democratic Party was great for the Clintons, terrible for the Democratic Party: They lost the House, they lost the Senate, they lost state legislatures and governors’ mansions, and in the end Clinton couldn’t even bequeath the White House to his Vice-President in a time of peace and prosperity. Yet his First Lady wound up with a Senate seat. After a decade and a half of his neo-monarchical stewardship, you get a real (if discreetly expressed) sense of frustration from a big chunk of Dems that the first woman candidate should happen to be this particular woman.

If Clinton had been the political genius that a sycophantic press made him out to be, he would have crafted a new political coalition to rival the one put together by FDR. Instead all he did was elect Madame and go down in history as a fin de siècle Warren G. Harding.

The Democrats as a party are only now just recovering from the Clinton years. Why would they want to put before the voters of this great nation a person with all and more of Bill’s ruthlessness but none of his charm? Madame reminds me, as someone once said, of Nixon in a pants suit. It’s going to take more than Hubby and his media suppositories to pull it out for her.

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