And the Trumpet Shall Sound…

Six years and one week ago, I started a blog – at a time when there were few around – called “A Dog’s Life.” About two years ago, in a fit of melancholy, I not only deleted the blog but did everything I could to destroy all the archives.

With the Internet, though, nothing seems to be fully extinguished. Thanks to Alexa and it’s Wayback Machine, I saw some of the old posts. Needless to say, lots were dreck but some were pretty good. That, and a visit to my brother’s over Thanksgiving where I met some folks who used to enjoy my blog and wondered why I stopped, impelled me to start again.

A new name for the blog seemed in order, as “A Dog’s Life” is now being used elsewhere. Sadly, I was strongly discouraged from using the splendid “International Jew Banker.” And so we’re “Excused Lame.” I hope you’ll stop by and get something good out of what’s here.

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