Poor, Poor Celebs!

Winona Ryder’s lawyer says her arrest was a “misunderstanding.” Yes, she probably thought that since she was a celebrity, the items would be “complimentary,” part of the Celebrity Bill of Rights (“The right to VIP and V-VIP rooms shall not be abridged… Celebrities shall enjoy the right to fawning stories in People magazine…”). Still, my eye was attracted to a sentence late in the story:

Ryder…has maintained a grueling film schedule she has blamed for causing occasional mental breakdowns.

Sorry, the life of a celebrity isn’t “grueling.” Emergency room doctors and interns have grueling schedules. Single mothers with two jobs have grueling schedules. Self-employed businessmen and entrepreneurs have grueling schedules. Half-educated celebrity ditzes who are surrounded by personal assistants, syncophantic toadies, and publicists and lawyers to lie on their behalf don’t have “grueling” lives.

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