I Was Provoked Into Doing This

Another activator to beginning this was Cindy Adams’s column in the New York Post, where our revered former President offered a breathlessly admiring nation this insight:

There wasn’t a sicker person than I on September 11. I was on the telephone when it happened. The instant that second plane hit, I said to the person with whom I was speaking, ‘Bin Laden did this.’ I knew immediately. I know what this network can do.

Mr. President, if you took even one picosecond to look outside your own self-referential sphere, you would realize that there were sicker people than you on September 11th. The ones who listened to phone calls and messages from their loved ones trapped in the WTC or on the doomed airliners. The ones who watched in horror as the towers crumbled and those who were dear to them were not simply killed but so thoroughly pulverized that those who mourned them could not even have the comfort of a funeral. The ones who were agonized with uncertainty over the fate of their family members.

No, Mr. President, if you “knew…what this network can do” and did as little as you did to stop them, then you failed this country in the most fundamental way you could as a Chief Magistrate. The oath you twice swore bade you “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States,” established to “provide for the common defense.”

You preen yourself on America’s prosperity during the years of your presidency. As though the myriad daily transactions of 270 million people were yours to control! You were the Commander in Chief. You had a monopoly of power in how to protect this nation. If you were aware of the dangers to it and could have prevented them, why didn’t you do so?

And no, Mr. President, I don’t want to know about the person with whom you were speaking.

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