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Bad Call, Bad Play

As almost everyone this side of Alpha Centauri now knows, last night Tigers pitcher Armando Gallaraga’s quest for a perfect game ended with a blown call by first-base umpire Jim Joyce on a bang-bang play.  Unquestionably, Joyce missed it.  I … Continue reading

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More Bad Ideas

Time has a list of its choices for the 50 worst inventions.  Some I can agree with (Crocs), others I don’t (DDT, CFCs).  Let me add a few of my own: Capris Frisbees The electric guitar The 12-tone system Quadraphonic … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

A weepie in the New York Times describes the plight of Cortney Munna trying to dig herself out of almost $100,000 of (non-dischargable) student-loan debt after four years at NYU, a very expensive school.  The article puts the blame on Citibank … Continue reading

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