News from the Show Scene

The Beeg Boy and Carmen went to the Nolan River KC shows this last weekend and Dutch came out on Saturday going Best of Breed under Dana Cline and later Group 1 under Pat Trotter; Carmen was Best of Opposite Sex.

On Sunday both repeated their placements under Charles Trotter.  Dutch didn’t get anything in the Group, but he did get an Owner-Handler Hound Group 1.  He also got 22 breed points each day, so after a single weekend of shows, he has half of what he got in two-plus months of shows last fall.


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Miracles Happen

Madame was out of town for a BCOA board meeting early in November and asked whether I would show Miss Carmen (GCh. Soyara’s Carmen Fantasy) at the one-day Beaumont KC show, as, apparently, the halt, lame and blind were all unavailable.

The entry was really just a favor to the judge.  We knew it would be a very small show because few people want to travel for a single day.  Beaumont is about 90 minutes away, so it wasn’t a big deal to drive over there for a while.

Carmen turned out to be the only Borzoi there that day, so we were Best of Breed by default.  We went out for a bit of a drive and returned for the Hound group, to be judged by Dr. Eric Liebes.  Rather to my astonishment, Carmen and I got a Group 3, defeating all of 17 dogs.  It was Carmen’s first group placement and the first one for me as well.  She may accumulate more but I certainly won’t.


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What Happened?

I’m back.

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Splendid News

Gore Vidal is dead at 86.

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A Cautionary Tale

When you study Marxist economics you defect with your family to North Korea.  When you defect with your family to North Korea you find you’re in a hell hole.  When you find you’re in a hell hole you redefect to the West without your family.  When you redefect to the West without your family your family ends up in a slave labor camp.  Don’t let your family end up in a slave labor camp:  avoid Marxist thinking and learn to appreciate democratic capitalism.

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Dopey Letter of the Day (VIII)

Where else but the New York Times?

To the Editor:

The reviewer of Alice Kessler-Harris’s book about Lillian Hellman, “A Difficult Woman” (June 10), complains that it doesn’t probe “inside Hellman’s character” but instead looks at how her life, as Kessler-Harris puts it, “illuminates the world she confronted.” But this is a history book, and that is what we historians do. The reviewer complains that Kessler-Harris points out that others besides Hellman were skeptical of Zionism or defensive about the Soviet Union, but these facts are part of the context that helps us see Hellman historically. The reviewer is also still fighting the cold war, using the review to snipe at 1930s radical politics; she accuses the author of romanticizing Communism into harmlessness while she does the same with the McCarthyite purges that Hellman abhorred. The Times should have assigned this book to someone prepared to evaluate a historian’s attempt to interpret Hellman both as a creature and a defier of her world.

New York

Iowa City
The writers are professors of history at, respectively, New York University and the University of Iowa.

McCarthyism was one of the worst things that ever happened to this country:  1) it made stupid accusations against many innocent people, 2) the guilty ones it accused were no longer a danger, as the Communist Party of America was a spent force, having committed suicide after World War II, 3) it provided the permanent get-out-of-jail-free card to people whom, in a sensible country, would have been laughed out of public life forever.   People like Lillian Hellman.


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Happy Father’s Day!  Madame is off at shows in Texarkana this weekend.  I mowed the back three acres here at Stately Hlatky Manor.  The ground is more or less level and I use a riding mower, true, but 1) the grass was very high, requiring me to go slowly and 2) while level the ground is nothing but little lumps and holes.

Accordingly, all my vertebrae have been smashed together into a single column of agony.  At least I made the cattle egrets happy; they followed me around like I was a particularly productive bit of livestock.  I am working on a multi-part set of posts on support – or the lack of it – for classical music in the US; this should be appearing in the next few days.

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